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The Journey Towards Excellence in Home Care


MHM tailors its home management service to every unique property and the family that owns it. It’s not just property management; we enhance every aspect of your mountain living experience.

As a longtime Park City resident, Molly Maier has spent more than two decades getting to know the ins and outs of elevated mountain living. As a well-connected community member, she’s also seen the challenges that come with home ownership here, especially those looking for tailored home management. MHM is the solution.

With a background spanning over 25 years in Property Management, Interior Decorating, Project Management, HOA Management, and High-End Client Service, she’s honed a diverse range of skills offering a holistic approach to home care.

Luxurious Kitchen

Our Mission

Beyond Brick & Mortar 

We observed the diverse needs of homeowners and recognized a gap in truly personalized care. Our mission became clear: to provide a curated service that would seamlessly integrate with the unique features of every residence. MHM wants each moment spent in or away from your home to be filled with peace and comfort. 

Our Promise

Personalized, Premium Home Care

We address issues before they become problems. We work in the background for you to enjoy uninterrupted serenity in your mountain retreat, as well as peace of mind when you’re away.

Luxury Home
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✓ Comprehensive Checks

We offer consistent weekly inspections that align with your family’s rhythm and ensure weekends remain your personal sanctuary.

✓ Prompt Resolutions

We tackle issues head-on—promptly and efficiently—ensuring your home remains in tip-top shape..

✓ Economic Efficiency

Our diligent coordination ensures that you're not charged redundantly, safeguarding both your time and investment.

✓ Cash Reserves with Transparency

With our transparent cash reserve system, you stay informed and in control. Monthly statements are provided, and modern payment methods are embraced for your convenience.

✓ Unwavering Ethical Standards

At MHM, every interaction and every service reflect our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards.

Why Choose MHM?

When you partner with us, you're not just opting for a service. You're choosing a dedicated team that values your peace, understands the intricacies of mountain living, and prioritizes your time. Enjoy the thrills of mountain living while we ensure every corner of your home is handled with care and precision. 

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